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Picturing a World

Out of the woods

First off, apologies to Su Blackwell: I've lost the citation for this piece, but it's just too emblematic not to use. I'm nearing the end of the first draft of a short story. I'll come out of the woods soon, but I'm not sure whether what I'm bringing with me will ever be truly satisfactory.

Years ago, a friend asked accusatorily, "Are you one of those people who starts lots of things but doesn't finish them?" For him, finishing is a virtue in itself. Certainly, there is a kind of relief in reaching "The End" of even a bad first draft. Moreover, when a piece isn't going well, thinking through its narrative problems can become a useful exercise in craft. I think it has in this case.
But does this mean you can't ever face facts and abandon a project as hopeless? Nope. Life is short, and sometimes it's worth hunting for what lies beyond the thicket you're stuck in!
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