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Picturing a World

Clearing the clutter (6): Silesian map

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea where I found this. I had saved it and images of four other pages in afolder labeled "Topographia Silesia." Unfortunately, I collected it before I learned how to record information for JPEG's. Oh, well, I love it for the completeness of its depiction of a moated manor house and adjoining village, complete with church, walls, half-timbered houses, common ponds, and surrounding fields.

The striped fields are probably flat land plowed into large grainfields; but the way their parallel lines are drawn below the village, they could suggest a downward slope, so for an imaginary setting, you could place your town atop a narrow ridge. I can see this as the setting for a fantasy story or historical fiction. The page or the book it appears in might figure in a modern story. Any suggestions? Any information?

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