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Picturing a World

Mole Family's Christmas

Russell Hoban is one of my favorite authors, with his offbeat imagination and mastery of style. He's best known for the dazzling, post-apocalyptic Riddley Walker. (My favorite may be the quieter Turtle Diary.) Anyway, sometime this year, I bought a used copy of The Mole Family's Christmas, put it aside unread, and forgot about it—then, luckily, found it again in time to read it last night as a Christmas Eve bedtime story.

How I love its every unexpected turn and its wonder at the power of a telescope! And what a good reminder to pull The Mouse and His Child off the shelf to start rereading today. My copy has fine illustrations by David Small; bit after seeing Lillian Hoban's wonderful work in The Mole Family's Christmas, I'll be on the lookout for the original edition with hers.
In this second COVID Christmas, I hope you are finding something equally beguiling to lift your spirits. Again, Merry Christmas!

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