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Picturing a World

Amber Spyglass illustrations

I'm miffed with the USPS. For my Christmas present to myself, I ordered the new illustrated edition of The Amber Spyglass from Blackwell's in England in mid November to go with my copy of Northern Lights. It arrived in York, PA, two days later, then got stuck in Washington D.C., where it has been "delayed" for nearly a month—and the USPS website says it is not eligible for further inquiry until December 3rd! Well, at least Catching up with Chris Wormell on the release of The Amber Spyglass gives a glimpse of some of the illustrations.

The Amber Spyglass just missed being listed as one of Tyger Tale's 100 Best Children's Books of the 21st Century because its publication date of 2000 puts it in the 20th C. The list does, however, feature another Pullman novel, La Belle Sauvage, with a Wormell cover. Overall it's an excellent list with some fine dust jackets pictured.

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