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Picturing a World

Rereading never ends

Years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a copy of Michael Ende's novel, The Neverending Story, the text of which is printed in alternating red and green. I was grateful for the giver's recognition of my tastes and tickled by the two inks; but, frankly, I hadn't given the book a thought for ages. Then an online reference to The Folio Society's new edition sent me to my shelf. Yes! my older edition was still there, and it's now in the queue for a possible reread.

Having finished rereading Little, Big (it's a whole new experience with that astonishing blend of text and art), I am currently rereading Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones. I didn't like it much the first time around, but she's such a good writer that I could never quite bring myself to cull it from my personal library. And a good thing, too! Here I am, years later, quite cheerful about its witty blend of repetitive computer games, King Arthur, and the multiverse.
Despite loving well-illustrated books, I don't need the new edition of The Neverending Story, but wouldn't I love to have those endpapers! If you half-close the book, the shelf and ladder on the left create a wall of books with a recession toward the window. Brilliant.

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