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Picturing a World

Liz Williams

A review by Kate Macdonald sent me to my interlibrary loan catalogue and, sure enough, I could borrow Comet Weather by Liz Williams. So I did. I loved it and went back to search for its sequel, Blackthorn Winter. No go. I'd have to buy it. Hmm. There were two more titles in the Fallow Sisters series— I took a chance and bought all four. Am I ever glad!

An interview with Williams can show you what an interesting author she is, provided you are drawn at all to fantasy, folklore, or the paraphernalia of witchcraft (which she sells in a store in Glastonbury, England). She has a PhD in the philosophy of science and has written other books as well as articles for The Guardian newspaper.
Her Miracles of Our Own Making: A History of Paganism (2020) has given me leads; and when I plugged her name into Literature-Map, up came a whole cloud of names I'd never seen before. The only ones I recognized—Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and Iain Banks—were all on the periphery. Oddly enough, most of the writers in her cloud are male. She is good with male characters, but, trust me, it's the four Fallow sisters whose company you will enjoy most if you read the series.

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