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Picturing a World

Three doors

From time to time, a picture goes into my file of story prompts. I ran across this photograph of a corner in Peveril Castle the other day, and flash! a fiction! If I were better at art software, I could probably combine it with this photograph of Peveril Castle for a Tiny Illustrated Story.
They were faced with three doors. One led into a brilliant blank The one below it into darkness absolute. A third, marked Peril, led out to a beautiful stairway curving down to a green garden world.
Said Jack on his way through the green, green door, "I'm off to Fairyland."
Said Flora, "I'm going down to Dis to rescue Persephone."
Said androgynous Jan, "Infinity."
None ever came back.
Well, did you think they would?


Image via geograph.org.

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