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Picturing a World

Jopling, Blue and White

Blog post alert: Charley Parker's Eye Candy for Today: Louise Jopling domestic scene brought Louise Jane (née Goode) Jopling to my attention. She was an older contemporary of Jeanette's who studied art in Paris and became a suffragist. Just get this poem she wrote in my magical year of 1908!

Oh! Womenkind of England now
Be worthy of your blood;
Let courage shine upon your brow,
In spite of men and mud…
Come, Men of England! Show your pluck,
And free your women too;
About the House, there is no luck
Unless its ruled by two!
The poem is included in a good biographical essay, Louise Jopling 1843–1933, at the website for the Amersham Museum in Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

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