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Picturing a World

Chocolate biscuit cake

NBC Today Show, Qeen Elizabeth II and tea spread (2017)

How often have I said, "You haven't read a book 'til you've read it twice"? Well, it's true. Having read Murder Most Royal by S. J. Bennett over Christmas, I went back and reread Windsor Knot, the first in this murder mystery series with Queen Elizabeth II as the detective. I liked it better the second time around and, incidentally, admire the way Bennett set herself up for a lifelong series if she wants it. (NB: Her upcoming A Death in Diamonds is set in 1957).What does this have to do with the chocolate biscuit cake?

Well, the cake comes up at teatime more than once in the books, so I decided to check out whether it was a real thing. Yes, indeedy! You can find recipes all over the web, including one from the Royal Collection Trust. Basically, it is English biscuits broken up and mixed into a chocolate ganache and glazed with dark chocolate.
With just two of us in my household, I'm not making it any time soon (chocolate digestive biscuits do me for a substitute). Perfect, though, for an Anglophilic tea party.


Image via The Today Show, where you'll find a full-sized version and a recipe for the cake.

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