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Picturing a World

Elsa Beskow

Several interests came together for me when I came across Swedish artist, Elsa Beskow (1874–1953)—Jeanette’s future career as an illustrator; my new heroine Mattie’s work in juvenile book publishing; women’s rights; and Scandinavian women artists. As a Christmas present to  Read More 
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Angela Thirkell Society

My copy of the Holiday 2014 issue of Divagations, a thrice-yearly bulletin for members of the Angela Thirkell Society of North America, arrived today. In it appears a short essay of mine on what I learned as a writer from Thirkell. For those  Read More 
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Female magazine illustrators

Some readers have been kind enough to ask whether there will be a sequel to Where the Light Falls. So far, my answer is “I don’t know. I don’t have a story yet, but I do know that Jeanette becomes an illustrator.” Partly with her future career in mind and  Read More 
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School for suffrage workers

I collected this newspaper picture of Carrie Chapman Catt because it drives home the idea  Read More 
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Ellen Day Hale

Ellen Day Hale's 1910 picture of a reclining woman with a guitar (taken here from a post at It’s About Time) can help me with the atmosphere of ANONYMITY in a way that photographs cannot. There’s something fresh and vivid  Read More 
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